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At Future Solar WA we are dedicated to providing the best quality services and products to help you achieve the best energy outcome for your home and business.

However, we understand that things don’t always go to plan and so we’re here to discuss any issues or questions you may have. 

The purpose of this Complaints Policy is to demonstrate our commitment to resolve complaints, and to detail the ways in which our customers can bring their concerns to our attention. The objective of this Policy is to assist us, our directors and representatives, to resolve complaints in an efficient, effective, and professional manner.

Solar Panels in Perth WA

At Future Solar WA, we appreciate your feedback and wish to satisfy and delight our customers.

Our complaints procedure is as follows:

  1. We take all complaints seriously and value each piece of feedback we get so we can continue to deliver outstanding outcomes to our customers.

  2. We are committed to resolving all complaints we get in a fair, timely and efficient manner.

  3. Where possible, we will endeavour to resolve a complaint as it is raised, however because complaints do vary in terms of seriousness and complexity, we may need more time to investigate what has happened and figure out the best solution.

  4. Once received, we will investigate your matter and provide a progress update and/or solution within seven days for a minor issue and 21 days for any major issues. Where additional time is required Future Solar WA will inform the consumer the need for more time, the investigation will be completed within 45 days of the receipt of complaint. 

  5. All complaints are assigned individual case numbers and tracked through our in-house software. The complaint is assigned to a support Manager and updates are recorded accordingly.


Contact us first, we are best placed to help you:


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Talk to us in person at: Unit 2, 279 Camboon Road, Malaga, Western Australia, 6090

Future Solar WA requires the following information regarding your complaint.

  • Your Future Solar WA Project Number/Invoice Number.
  • Your name and contact details.
  • The name of the person(s) you have been dealing with.
  • The nature of the complaint, please include as much information as possible.
  • Details of any steps you have already taken to resolve the complaint.
  • Details of any conversations you’ve had with relevant people in regard to the complaint.
  • Remedy requested.
  • Copies of any evidence that supports your complaint

Following an appropriate investigation, Future Solar WA will inform you of the action or decision taken regarding the complaint. Future Solar WA will also take actions to prevent similar complaints occurring in the future.

The remedies and solutions offered are subject to the Terms & Conditions and Warranties which apply to the products and services that you purchased from us. These include applicable consumer guarantees and our obligations under the Australian Consumer Law or consumer legislation in place at the time you purchased your products and services.

What happens if the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome?

If a complainant is dissatisfied with a decision Future Solar WA has made regarding the dispute, the complainant is advised to contact the following external organisations. 

Clean Energy Council:

Phone: 03 9929 4100

Address: Level 15, 222 Exhibition Street, Melbourne VIC 3000


Australian Competition & Consumer Commission:

Phone: 1300 304 054


Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety

Phone: 1300 302 502


Consumer Protection WA 

Phone:1300 304 054



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