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The solar power components trusted by Future Solar always come backed up by a quality Warranty.

Quality warranty provided for the types of equipment:

1. All the solar panels come packed with a 10-year product warranty and 25 years performance warranty.
2. The inverters in the package come with at least 5 years warranty.


We back all our installation with 5 +5 yrs of whole system site warranty. Please refer to the document below for more info.

Solar Panels

Canadian Solar-   Click Here
SERAPHIM BLADE 330W - Click Here

Trina 330​W     -     Click Here
ET MONO        -     Click Here
JAJA 300        -     Click Here
Jinko 310         -    Click Here
Jinko 315         -    Click Here
LG NEON 330  -    Click Here
LG 295W          -    Click Here
LONGI 315       -    Click Here
LR6-60PE+300-    Click Here
Qcell 310         -     Click Here
Qcell 275w      -     Click Here
Qcell325w       -     Click Here
REC TWIN       -     Click Here
RISEN              -     Click Here
RSM60            -     Click Here
SERAPHIN 275  - Click Here
SRP-(300-315) -   Click Here

Solar Inverter

Fronius PRIMO                   - Click Here
FRONIUS SYMO                 - Click Here
FRONIUS SYMO 10           - Click Here
GoodWE 3kw                     -  Click Here
GoodWE 10kw                   -  Click Here
GOODWEE 3 PHASE         -  Click Here
GOODWEE 1 PHASE         -  Click Here
GROWATT 3 to 6               -  Click Here
GROWATT MIN 2.5           -  Click Here
HUAWEI 5kw                      - Click Here
HUWAEI For Optimizers   - Click Here
SB30-60                              -  Click Here
SMA SUNNY                      -  Click Here
SOLAR EDGE 3                  -  Click Here
Solar edge 5kw                  -  Click Here
Solar Edge Optimizers      - Click Here
Solax 3-5 kW                       - Click Here
Solis 3kw                             - Click Here
SOLIS 4G 3 Phase              - Click Here
Solis 4G 1-5kw                    - Click Here

Solar Racking System

Grace Solar Engineering -  Click Here
Mibet MC Rail 5172         -  Click Here

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