2kW Solar Power System

2kW Solar Power System: By merely installing Solar PV panels on the rooftops of homes and businesses, one can effortlessly generate clean electricity by not hindering the renewable resources of our precious earth. This efficient technology helps to generate electricity by transforming the energy into the sunlight which takes place within the panels. It is the easiest and non-cumbersome process that requires no extra moving parts.

About 2kW Solar Power Systems In Perth WA

Not as used as the huge solar panel systems, a 2 kW Solar system for home is still a perfect choice for a smaller household. They are great for houses which are mostly empty between the time of 9 am and 4 pm weekdays. The 2kW Solar system price ranges from $2,500 to $5,500 and contains 6 panels depending on the size of the panel. 

If you are an Australian resident with a 2 bedroom house and are a couple then a 2kw may suit your requirements. The size of the system can reduce your electricity bill with future proofing you from rising electricity bills and reducing your carbon footprint. All solar pv systems components come with manufacturer warranties. Solar inverters come with a minimum of 5 years of product warranty, some inverters like SolarEdge , Huawei and Fronius come with 10 years of product warranties. Similarly all solar panels come with minimum of 10 years of product warranty and 25 years of performance warranty. Extended warranties for inverters are also available at extra cost.

If you are an Australian residential customer and you make use of electricity between 6.1 kWhs and 12.1 kWhs then a 2kW solar system could be the perfect choice to help reduce the power bill costs. This size of the solar power system is classified as ‘Residential’. A suitable client profile which would be ideal would be a retired couple. 

Why Choose Future Solar WA For 2kW Solar Panels In Perth WA

Installing a 2 kW Solar Panel offers an opportunity to design other house improvements with that addition in mind. Choose one from Future Solar WA and remember the money you’ll be saving on electric bills which definitely sums up to make whatever is essential to buy the home improvements you desire. There are numerous improvements which cost less than a solar panel system or are subject to tax credits from the government, and none of them saves on monthly costs, instead often costing more. 

Being Australia’s most competitive solar solution providers, we concentrate on providing all kinds of solutions to cater to the user’s needs.

Safeguarding efficient service and developing good customer relations which is why you must boldly choose Future Solar WA for the best Solar Power System in Perth, Australia.

Average Cost of 2KW Solar Panel System In Perth WA

Average cost of a 2kw system from Future Solar WA is $2,500 to $5,500. However, this price may vary and depends largely on the quality of the product being used. Although finding a cheaper system may sound very lucrative at the time of purchase but it does not ensure that you are buying a better-quality product. We recommend that you ensure that your system is of high quality and comes with warranty.

An average power generation of a 2kW solar system is 9 units* per day which are almost half the total electricity consumption of a modest Aussie household. Moreover, power generation also depends on the amount of sunlight at your location and the position of the system. More power is generated in summer as compared to winter. Our team is experienced enough to install your 2kW system with a 2KW solar panel kit in such a direction to absorb more sunlight. 

(Data Source: https://www.solarchoice.net.au/wp-content/uploads/Solar-Choice-Clean-Energy-Council-Solar-PV-Consumer-guide.pdf)

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Make your home solar-full, procuring a solar energy system for your house, is the perfect means to invest in yourself and your loved family, and makes a huge statement about how you pick to spend–and consume–your resources. All our 2 kW solar panel systems come with a full warranty and Australian based customer support. Contact us right now to get the best deal in the market of Perth. Our CEC Accredited retailers and designers make sure that the 2 kW systems are perfectly placed, ready to absorb as much as the sun as possible, all year round. 

We also offer a completely 2 kW Solar off-grid system which only requires some batteries and energy storage devices as extra equipment and effectively provides complete independence from any external utility provider in the long run. We make use of highly commended products in Australia. We also cover both commercial and residential solar system installations, maintenance and repairs in Perth which also comprises of the solar inverter replacement costs.

Our decisive focus is to emerge out as the most cost-effective solar solution providers globally. With our ground-breaking approach and knowledge in technology, we want to inspire more and more use of renewable energy resources. Customer’s satisfaction is vigorous; therefore, we believe in effective communication and coordination between us and our potential clients. Transparency in costs and flexible with requests regarding the location of panels is a common practice of our company. We take care of the entire solar process ranging from the application to proper installation, so you can easily relax knowing that everything is under control. We are here to find the accurate solar power system for you and your house to enable you to maximize savings. 

2kW solar Systems/ Panels FAQ

In this section, we shall answer some of the commonly asked questions related to solar panels.

1. How Much Does a 2kW Solar Panel Cost in Perth, WA? – 

The 2kW Solar system price ranges from $2,500 to $5,500 and contains 6 panels depending on the size of the panel.  

2. How many panels are there in a 2kw system?  – 

A 2kw system may have various no. of panels depending on the size of the panels. For eg., you could get 7x275w panels or 6x330w . To know more about this contact our solar expert today for a obligation free consultation.

( Data Source: https://www.solarquotes.com.au/systems/2kw/)

3. What are the dimensions of an average monocrystalline solar panels for a 2kw system? – 

To make up a 2kW Solar Photovoltaic System, a user needs to set 6-7 panels which indicate that the small household uses either 275 w or 330w panels with an average panel dimension of 161.7 x 161.7 mm. The solar panel size for 2 kW is particularly suited to small families with average power use. This solar system is perfect for small-sized homes, their lifestyle and their budget.

(Data Source: https://www.solarchoice.net.au/wp-content/uploads/Solar-Choice-Clean-Energy-Council-Solar-PV-Consumer-guide.pdf )

4. How Many kWh Does a 2kW PV solar panels Produce? – 

An efficient 2 kW PV solar panel generates nearly 9 kWh* per day which is about half the electricity usage of a normal Aussie household. The electricity generation mostly depends on how much sun the location is exposed to and as well as the positioning of the system. There is less generation of power in winter than summer. Sunnier locations obviously generate better profits compared to other locations. That’s why it is vital to position the system in such a manner that it receives an optimal amount of sunshine, with maybe a little shade too.

(Data Source: https://www.solarchoice.net.au/wp-content/uploads/Solar-Choice-Clean-Energy-Council-Solar-PV-Consumer-guide.pdf)

5. What is the Payback For Installing 2kW Solar Panel? – 

When you go for a good quality system, a 2 kW Solar system will pay for itself within 4.3 years, based on 70% self-consumption. however it mostly depends on how much the user has originally paid for it and where is it located.

(Data Source: https://www.solarchoice.net.au/blog/2kw-solar-pv-systems-cost-productivity-and-return-on-investment/)

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1.5kW Solar Power System

1.5kW Solar Power System: Rooftop solar in Australia is now becoming essential for all households that want to save on their power bills. Solar PV systems typically start from 1.5kw system going on to 6.6 kw for a single-phase electricity household. If you have a three-phase electricity, then depending on your roof space you could potentially get a bigger system than. Even though 1.5kw was very popular in the past but now more and more consumers are opting in for larger systems like 3.5kw, 4kw, 5kw, 6.6kw to bank on the savings. Even though a 1.5kw system will have a minimum effect on your power bill but may offer superior returns over larger system as it may be easier for a home to ‘self-consume’ more or all of the energy produced directly.

1.5kW Solar Panel System Retailers and Repair Companies in Perth, WA

No matter what size or shape of panels you wish to choose, the most important thing is to decide the amount of electricity that you need to be generated for your use. The way to the best suited solar power system is through deliberation and awareness. When one begins to research about the same, you will find that there precisely three kinds of solar panels available in the market:

  • Grid-connect system– An independent grid connection which allows you to let the costs related to energy storage go by using the unused solar energy directly into the power grid. This type makes sure that you use natural resources when available and use traditional power from the grid when not available. 
  • Off-grid system- Stand-alone solar power systems are extremely useful in areas with limited utilities. Using a completely off-grid system require some batteries and energy storage devices as extra equipment but it provides complete independence from any external utility provider. It comes with a pitfall that you often waste unused energy as battery storage is limited.
  • Hybrid system- This type of solar power system gives you the best of both worlds. It only uses traditional utility power as a backup. However, it requires an additional investment of batteries. One of the main features of this system is that rather than funnelling your excess solar energy back into a power grid, you can store it yourself.

1.5kW Solar Panel System Price Comparison List in Perth, WA

Average cost of a 1.5kw system from Future Solar WA is $2,000 to $2,800. However, this price may vary and depends largely on the quality of the product being used. Although finding a cheaper system may sound very lucrative at the time of purchase but it does not ensure that you are buying a better-quality product. We recommend that you ensure that your system is of high quality and comes with warranty.

A 1.5kW solar power system installed professionally is essentially the most compact size you can opt for. A 1.5kW solar system will offer not only superior returns but also a viable option for ‘self-consumption’ and are extremely household friendly. 1.5kW solar systems for homes enhance your solar experience and can easily save up on a lot of money. A humble 1.5kW solar power system was Australia’s best solar system for the longest time. 

Total Energy Produced By a 1.5kW Solar System

The total energy production of a 1.5kW solar system for a home depends on various factors like tilt, the orientation of the panels, local climate and many more. So, energy consumption should be calculated according to the “kilowatt-hours per day”. 

Why Future Solar WA Are the Top 1.5kW Solar Panels Installation Companies in Perth, WA?

Being Australia’s most competitive solar solution providers, we focus on providing all kinds of solutions to cater to your needs. To ensure we provide the best experience to our customers, we keep track of all upcoming technologies and 1.5kw solar panel price. Every customer has different requirements regarding Solar Panel which motivates us to work to our optimum level. We offer a wide variety of solar panels in all prices and sizes keeping in mind the needs of the customer. We assure smooth and cheap installment of panels and inverters. Our ultimate aim is to become the most cost-effective solar solution providers globally. With our innovative approach and expertise in technology, we want to encourage more and more use of renewable energy resources.  Customer’s satisfaction is vital, therefore, we believe inefficient communication and coordination between you and the company. Transparency in costs and flexible with requests regarding the location of panels is a common practice of our company. Thus, ensuring good service and building good customer relations is why you must definitely choose Future Solar WA for the best Solar Power System in Perth, Australia. 

1.5 kW solar systems are one of the most popular system sizes in Australia as the solar technology prices have come down in recent years however most of the homes are now opting for large systems such as 3 kW to the 5 kW range. Here you will come to know about the installation of a1.5 kW solar Panels Cost in Perth, in the current Australian market. Most 1.5 kW solar systems offer superior returns over a larger system thanks to the fact that it may be easier for a home to ‘self-consume’ more or all of the energy produced directly.

1.5 kW Solar Systems/ Panels FAQ

Before installing a 1.5kW Solar Panel system in your house, it is important for you to know some of the basic information related to it.

1. How Much Does a 1.5kW Solar Panel Cost? –

Average cost of a 1.5kw system from Future Solar WA is $2,000 to $2,800.

2. What Are the Measurements of 1.5kW Solar Power System?  –

A 1.5kW solar panel kit has on an average 5-6 solar panels which are the perfect option for smaller household and businesses. Each 1.5kW solar panel area measures around 1.6m x 1m, therefore you will need at least 10m2 of roof space as an area for 1.5kW solar panel.

3. What is the Capacity of 1.5kW Solar Power System?  –

Solar system power generation depends on the following factors such as location, climate, solar array tilt angle, orientation, presence or absence of shade, the actual temperature of the panels, inverter or 1.5kW solar panel capacity and the actual performance of the components. However, these factors shall also vary with latitude and climate. A 1.5kW panel capacity is estimated to be 6kWh per day which is sufficient to run a third of an average Aussie household.

4. How Much Energy Does a 1.5kW Solar System Produce?  –

As the above-mentioned factors play a major role in determining the amount of energy produced by the 1.5kW solar systems, on an average it can produce 6kWh per day or 7 units per day. Every solar system generates power depending upon the amount of sunlight your location receives and well as the positioning of the solar system. Therefore, you will generate more energy in summer than winter. But our efficient retailer shall ensure you have power all year long.

5. How Much Floor Space Does a 1.5kW Solar Panel Require?  –

A 1.5kW solar panel uses 5-6 solar panels to build up the system. Each panel shall be around 1.6m x 1m which brings it to at least 10-12m2 roof space to install the solar system. Therefore, depending on the household you wish to install, a 10m2 roof space is essential for 1.5kW solar panel compared to 3kW or 5kW that occupy more space.

6. What is the Average Payback Period For a 1.5kW Solar Panel?  –

A good quality solar system shall deliver a full return on investment within 5 years of installation. The trick is to use more of solar power during the day time and export less power to the grid to save money. In doing so, no matter how long it takes to pay off your system, you will be saving from the onset of the solar system. Therefore, it is foolproof as well.

7. What Type of Households Are Best Suited For 1.5kW Solar Panel?  –

A 1.5kW solar panel has a size that can easily cater for small households and businesses. Nevertheless, depending upon your usage, a 1.5kW solar panel shall be viable instead of a 1kW panel as it ensures longer life than the former. If your average electricity budget is $120-150 per bill cycle, 1.5kW solar power system will be a dream come true. Elderly people or a small family can easily live off a 1.5kW solar system without any trouble.

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4 Myths about Solar That Could Be Costing You Money

Have you lined up yourself in the rage for solar panels Perth? Not yet, as you believe that it is just a luxury of riches and they are not as productive as the solar panel companies promise them to be.  

There are lots of myths about Solar Panels Perth’ output, cost, functioning, etc. which is the reason why people in need of them are avoiding solar panels in Perth and unknowingly getting harsh on themselves. Don’t get judgemental until you have the proof in your hands, and in this blog, we bring you some justifications to the widespread myths. 

Myth #1: Too expensive to afford solar panels 

People generally believe that solar panel installation is a big deal involving huge expenditure. But there is a way out too to escape from the high costing solar panels. To an extent, it is true as the solar panel system installation amounts almost equal to owning a car. But these days with a governmental rebate on solar, one can easily save a noticeable amount for some other important tasks. 

To give you an idea, a small-sized solar panel’s cost in Perth is approximately starts from $2500. But you can also buy a well maintained solar system without a battery to have a reduction in your readings on your electricity bill.

 Myth #2: Solar Panels do not work during winters and rainy days, therefore would be ineffective in lowering the amount in electricity bill 

 It is believed that solar panel in Perth gives no output during cloudy days, at night and snowfall. Do you know that it needs sunlight and not harsh sun rays of summers? They are functional in all seasons. Also, you too may not be aware that the amount of solar power spawned in daylight hours alone is enough to reduce your bill.  

All through the day, people use their own energy, and during the night the green energy caterer goes on rest. The solar energy which is not consumed in a day gets stored into the grid and the owner is paid a feed-in-tariff saving a decent amount of energy. 

Myth #3: Tough maintenance of solar panels 

Servicing and cleaning are vital for not only solar panels but for every device at home for long continuance. You should get your solar panels regularly serviced and cleaned, and trust us that it won’t cost bundles of money. 

According to the solar panel installers in Perth, solar panels require just a hose-down every year and inspection after every 5 years or so. The life of solar panels is usually 25 years and things would be highly different in your life, who knows you could be a billionaire!

Myth #4: Adverse effects of solar panels on the roof

 There is a serious myth amongst people that the installation of solar panels on the roof would result in heavy damage. It is not true! On the contrary, solar panel installation aids in safeguarding your roof from likely damages. The roof is shielded by elements while installing solar panels and you could get to avoid repairing your roof afterward. 

Tips to abolish the myths and extract the best solar power experience 

1. Go for a solar power set-up that accomplishes your needs-   
  •   Try to have access to energy consumption
  •   Interrogate the type and size of panels apt for you 
  •  Go for installing a battery storage system if you are planning to opt for off-grid
2. Opt for low-interest rate loan for it instead of paying in cash – 

Compare and apply for a loan for their installation to hoard on your energy bill. One can also select from green personal loans from the market to finance.  

3. Get an energy plan with a good feed-in tariff-

To confirm your provider is providing you a great return on the energy, evaluate feed-in tariffs to help yourself by knowing the efficiency of the system installed. 

To encourage energy efficiency all over Perth, Government has extended assistance to end-users in the form of solar rebates and feed-in tariffs assuring growth in the renewable energy industry for Price for Solar Panel System in Perth. 

(To know more read: solar https://assets.cleanenergycouncil.org.au/documents/consumers/solar-guide-for-consumers.pdf)

When is the best time to install a solar panel system in Perth?

We all know buying things in the season is not only an expensive deal but also is coupled with hassles of delay, things getting out of stock and excessive workload on the team. Above are the reasons why folks these days like to go for things in offseason to avoid the rush of the eleventh hour for buying solar panel system in Perth.

Solar panels these days are a rage and if you too are looking to opt for a solar panel for your residential or commercial property, then avoid ordering for it in summers. If hot and humid is not the right time to go for solar panels, then you must be wondering when the right time to install a solar panel in Perth is. 

Read on below to know the answer to the above question – 


Autumn is the best time to go for solar systems as it mostly remains sunny with minimal rain. The temperature in Perth remains moderate throughout autumn which neither is too hot nor bone-chilling cold. Installing during autumn ensure that you are set for on coming winters and may have started saving reasonably before the summer months hit. This is however depended on your usage patter. 

 Fruitful in winters 

Installing in autumn would be making preparation to beat the high electricity bills of winters that usually arise due to the increased usage of heaters in winter. As Australian winters have reasonably good numbers of sunny and clear days, your solar system can be really handy in reducing electricity bills. 

 Reduced cost of installation during autumn 

Even for saving, autumn is considered to be the best season for installation. The solar panels system price in Perth in the autumn season is comparatively lower than spring and summers due to the lesser demand or rush for it. It has generally been noticed that the cost of installation of solar panels in summers is almost double the price at which solar panels are installed in autumn. To be able to save some pennies, then the solar panel system in Perth should be installed in the autumn.

Defy the rush of summers and spring 

Spring and summers are busiest seasons for solar panel system in Perth and you may have to wait for more than a month during the seasons when solar panels are in demand mostly. By installing solar panels in autumn, you can simply relax and enjoy reduced electricity bills when your neighbors and locals would be struggling hard to buy and install the solar panels in summer and spring. You can get ready to beat the heat of summers and spring and relax in your building

Autumn is usually not as hot as summers or spring in Perth is and the reduced temperature of autumn is a boon for solar PV system’s generation. In addition to it, it is recommended to install before the end of the year to secure the STC incentive and save a handsome amount.


Price for Solar Panel System in Perth

Is an idea of buying a solar hitting you? You need to be vigilant as with little or no knowledge of credible solar panel providers, you could end up paying much more than the real value Price for Solar Panel System in Perth. With a number of choices to buy from, how would you know that you are getting an idea and a real deal? That you are not a victim of the over hyped prices of solar panels?

To make sure that you buy the right piece at right prices, sometimes you may in a search of the low-cost panel and end up buying inferior quality solar panels. So, it is vital to confirm that you are getting the product that is good quality and has the manufacturer warranties in place.

The financial returns any solar system is important to consider. Some of the factors that affect the financial returns any solar system this are:

Availability of Feed-in tariff

Quality of inverter and panels being installed

Consumption ratio of the energy produced by the solar. This can be as high as 70% or as low as 30%. It does depend on your usage.

Geographical location of the system and the expected daily and annual solar irradiation and cloud cover

(data source: https://www.solarchoice.net.au/blog/5kw-solar-system-price-output-return/)

Before you go on to buy it, have a look at the information that you need to be aware of:

If you want to buy a photovoltaic system for your home or business, you have to pay attention to a few things. Here is a list of buyers to get you started.

  1. Researching: So, you have decided to go green and invest in solar. But, wait, have you done your research? You should find out information like, your current electricity usage(this can be found on your electricity bill), the optimum system for your needs in terms of kilowatts, the various options available in terms of brands, the right retailer for you and your payback time. Researching can save you lots of hassles and help you make a decision that is value for your money and peace of mind.
  2. Solar Retailer: There are many companies in the market and we know it can get very confusing and daunting to find out the information. Some important points that your solar retailer should tell you are.
  • Based on your current usage, your requirement of a solar system ( in kilowatts)
  • Government incentives and how they work
  • Information about the inverters, panels and other-components that make up the solar pv system.
  • Warranties
  • Feed-intariff and how they work
  • Retailer’ information

3. Post Installation: your retailer will provide you with all the post installation details of your system. This will include all the information about the products, warranties, and post-installation service and maintenance of your system.

(To know more read: solar https://assets.cleanenergycouncil.org.au/documents/consumers/solar-guide-for-consumers.pdf)

Prices of solar PV System

2 kW $2500 – $5500
3 kW $3000 – $7000
4 kW $3500 – $8000
5 kW $3500 – $9500
10 kW $9000 – $14,000

( data source: https://assets.cleanenergycouncil.org.au/documents/consumers/solar-guide-for-consumers.pdf )

To encourage energy efficiency all over Perth, Government has extended assistance to end users in the form of solar rebates and feed-in tariffs assuring growth in the renewable energy industry for Price for Solar Panel System in Perth.

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Best solar Panel Company in Perth

Are you looking for a credible solar panel in Perth? Then, just browse FutureSolarWA for a range of the best solar products and services. We confirm you easy and crystal-clear solar jaunt designed completely in the interest of our customers. We, from layman to the squad in administration and management, are committed to bagging you an unmatched experience with eventual products and services. With years and years of experience, we have been highly successful in understanding and accomplishing needs of our customers with a credit to our proficient and highly experienced team.

We present 1.5kW, 3kW, 5kW, 6kW solar panel systems in Perth at cost-effective prices assuring efficiency worth investment.  Have a brief look at the range of services offered by us underneath.

Our services In Perth WA

Residential solar panels– We extend residential solar panel installation services for your residence which is done after deep study of the case by our expert team having immense experience and knowledge.

Commercial solar panels– Our services are beyond residential solar panel as we also offer commercial solar panel services too. Whether it is school, college, hospital, office, etc; we store commercial panel solutions for all.

Solar panel cleaning– We extend professional solar panel cleaning at nominal prices for higher energy efficiency to your commercial as well as residential solar panels. With the usage of advanced equipment and the latest technology, we assure flawless and effective solar panel cleaning.

Solar panel repair & installation– Our team instantly attends the complaints of faults with the solar panel promptly to avoid inconvenience to customers. We are open weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm.

Air conditioning services and installation– Our team also has expertise in air conditioning services and installation all over Perth and on areas in its proximity at highly economical prices that are far reasonable when compared to services catered by our competitors in the city.

 What makes us Perth’s best company beyond the competition –

  • FutureSolarWA has emphasized to be a one-stop solution to accomplish distinct solar needs of folks in Perth. We bring you a team that systematically studies comprehensively and personally every case and fetches solutions for each and every client.
  • We understand power better than the rest of the companies in the industry. Through our solar initiative, we help and guide customers to make the best use of solar power along with acquainting them with the means to save a big amount of money via correct investment.
  • Our smart engineering is devoted to confirming high-performance commercial and residential solar power generation systems.
  • From inception to installation, we confirm the hassle-free installation to all our customers. Our aim is the maximization of profit with possible low investment and in the process, we assist our clients in getting aid in finance through credible means and modes to get a rebate from the government.
  • Our team guides tips to save energy and stays in touch with the customer post-installation tool to help customers in case they get hit with issues in the solar panel.

To know mores your options contact us today or simply leave your contact details here. One of our friendly sales expert will be in touch with you.