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Future Solar Terms & Conditions

Prices that are advertised on our website and on any other campaigns are applicable only for standard install. Standard Installation includes house with the following features:

The roof is pitched and the house is single story, and the meter box is of the following standards:
1. Fiber fire-proof back board
2. The casing of the motherboard is made from metal and not wood/chipboard
3. No loose wires which should be neatly tucked
4. No old ceramic switches – only circuit breaker switches
5. Enough space should be available to install an isolation switch

Property should be in the metro area, which is up to 100 km from our warehouse in Malaga, Western Australia

Install address must:
1. Have clear, unhindered vehicle access for our installers
2. Have a completed home having wiring/power supply complying with current electrical
3. Should not be under construction
4. Have a suitable location for the inverter. If location is exposed or is in the open, a weather proof cover may be required.

The advertised price is only valid for Pitched Tin roof (Flat roof attracts extra cost) & single storey house. Extra charges will be applicable for Double/multi storey property.

  • The advertised price is only applicable if the premises where the solar system being installed is eligible for Solar Rebate according to the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme.
  •  You authorise Future Solar WA to create and apply for STCs in your name and to receive the payment on your behalf. You agree to sign whatever documentation we may reasonably require to give effect to the assignment of STCs.
  • If Future Solar WA does not receive payment for the STCs, for any reason whatsoever, you are required to pay the amount owing within 14 days from the day of the receipt of notice.
  • Future Solar WA may terminate any agreement to supply a System should the government rebate or other benefit, including STCs, be reduced, discontinued, withdrawn or cancelled prior to the installation of your System. If we do terminate the sale for this reason you will be
    entitled to a full refund.
  • All prices and quotes are subjected to change with the change in the STC prices.

There may be additional cost involved when installing the system depending on the structure and situation of your property. Possible additional costs may involve the following:

  • Electricity meter changeovers, meter board upgrades, time switch installations or repairs, electrical inspections, trenching works or any other similar works will not be performed by Future Solar WA and are not included in the advertised or quoted price
  • If the existing switchboard and/or electrical infrastructure at the installation address, or any other surfaces or structures where the System is to be installed, do not comply with all relevant legal requirements (including all relevant codes and regulations) you may need to repair, replace or upgrade those at your own cost prior to the installation.
  • We will not perform any building work required to permit installation of the System.

The price advertised is discounted and thus is only applicable to those who will be paying for the whole system on the day of installation and not on Finance.

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