4 Myths about Solar That Could Be Costing You Money

Have you lined up yourself in the rage for solar panels Perth? Not yet, as you believe that it is just a luxury of riches and they are not as productive as the solar panel companies promise them to be.  

There are lots of myths about Solar Panels Perth’ output, cost, functioning, etc. which is the reason why people in need of them are avoiding solar panels in Perth and unknowingly getting harsh on themselves. Don’t get judgemental until you have the proof in your hands, and in this blog, we bring you some justifications to the widespread myths. 

Myth #1: Too expensive to afford solar panels 

People generally believe that solar panel installation is a big deal involving huge expenditure. But there is a way out too to escape from the high costing solar panels. To an extent, it is true as the solar panel system installation amounts almost equal to owning a car. But these days with a governmental rebate on solar, one can easily save a noticeable amount for some other important tasks. 

To give you an idea, a small-sized solar panel’s cost in Perth is approximately starts from $2500. But you can also buy a well maintained solar system without a battery to have a reduction in your readings on your electricity bill.

 Myth #2: Solar Panels do not work during winters and rainy days, therefore would be ineffective in lowering the amount in electricity bill 

 It is believed that solar panel in Perth gives no output during cloudy days, at night and snowfall. Do you know that it needs sunlight and not harsh sun rays of summers? They are functional in all seasons. Also, you too may not be aware that the amount of solar power spawned in daylight hours alone is enough to reduce your bill.  

All through the day, people use their own energy, and during the night the green energy caterer goes on rest. The solar energy which is not consumed in a day gets stored into the grid and the owner is paid a feed-in-tariff saving a decent amount of energy. 

Myth #3: Tough maintenance of solar panels 

Servicing and cleaning are vital for not only solar panels but for every device at home for long continuance. You should get your solar panels regularly serviced and cleaned, and trust us that it won’t cost bundles of money. 

According to the solar panel installers in Perth, solar panels require just a hose-down every year and inspection after every 5 years or so. The life of solar panels is usually 25 years and things would be highly different in your life, who knows you could be a billionaire!

Myth #4: Adverse effects of solar panels on the roof

 There is a serious myth amongst people that the installation of solar panels on the roof would result in heavy damage. It is not true! On the contrary, solar panel installation aids in safeguarding your roof from likely damages. The roof is shielded by elements while installing solar panels and you could get to avoid repairing your roof afterward. 

Tips to abolish the myths and extract the best solar power experience 

1. Go for a solar power set-up that accomplishes your needs-   
  •   Try to have access to energy consumption
  •   Interrogate the type and size of panels apt for you 
  •  Go for installing a battery storage system if you are planning to opt for off-grid
2. Opt for low-interest rate loan for it instead of paying in cash – 

Compare and apply for a loan for their installation to hoard on your energy bill. One can also select from green personal loans from the market to finance.  

3. Get an energy plan with a good feed-in tariff-

To confirm your provider is providing you a great return on the energy, evaluate feed-in tariffs to help yourself by knowing the efficiency of the system installed. 

To encourage energy efficiency all over Perth, Government has extended assistance to end-users in the form of solar rebates and feed-in tariffs assuring growth in the renewable energy industry for Price for Solar Panel System in Perth. 

(To know more read: solar https://assets.cleanenergycouncil.org.au/documents/consumers/solar-guide-for-consumers.pdf)

Solar Benefits for Commercial and Residential Real Estate Owners

Gone is the time when solar energy was termed as an alternate source of energy. It is now ruling the world due to its profitability over the other sources of energy along with various other Solar Benefits for Commercial and Residential Real Estate.  

Nowadays, it is turning out to be a boon for commercial and residential real estate industry and is more or less getting a must for larger as well as smaller real estate developers. Almost every commercial as well as the residential developer is going green by going for solar panels in Perth and the other regions. The renowned names in CRE are opting for solar and promoting it extensively because of the advantages associated with it, along with caring for the environment.  

Amidst the misunderstanding associated with converting into solar, going solar is now a popular trend due to less emission of carbon along with augmenting the financial profitability to CRE. 

Have a look at the Solar Benefits for Commercial and Residential hereunder – 

  • The solar energy extends the possibility for commercial real estate owners to cut down the operating expenses and augment revenue by minimizing or completely reducing the utility expenditures. 
  • Solar panel installation would prove to tenants that they are making an investment in the property that has a lucrative future; along with assuring the credibility of real estate owners as only a few cares for the environment these days. . 
  • Solar panels help gain instant recognition by future tenants, if not by the general public. 
  •  An increasing number of companies, municipalities, profit, and non-profit organizations are looking for energy-efficient and self-sufficient estate coupled with clean and safe energy. It enhances the value of the building and consequently lessens the operating cost. It attracts new tenants and maintains the present strength of tenants.  

It is well evident from the above benefits that for residential and commercial real estate owners, solar panels are an incredible investment prospect. By hiring the services of the best solar panel installer in Perth, the real estate owners can gain acknowledgment among the tenants in Perth along with increasing the value of their estate property. Reasonable solar panel cost in Perth is an aid to maximize profitability and is what every Solar Benefits for Commercial and Residential real estate owner doesn’t miss to do.

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When is the best time to install a solar panel system in Perth?

We all know buying things in the season is not only an expensive deal but also is coupled with hassles of delay, things getting out of stock and excessive workload on the team. Above are the reasons why folks these days like to go for things in offseason to avoid the rush of the eleventh hour for buying solar panel system in Perth.

Solar panels these days are a rage and if you too are looking to opt for a solar panel for your residential or commercial property, then avoid ordering for it in summers. If hot and humid is not the right time to go for solar panels, then you must be wondering when the right time to install a solar panel in Perth is. 

Read on below to know the answer to the above question – 


Autumn is the best time to go for solar systems as it mostly remains sunny with minimal rain. The temperature in Perth remains moderate throughout autumn which neither is too hot nor bone-chilling cold. Installing during autumn ensure that you are set for on coming winters and may have started saving reasonably before the summer months hit. This is however depended on your usage patter. 

 Fruitful in winters 

Installing in autumn would be making preparation to beat the high electricity bills of winters that usually arise due to the increased usage of heaters in winter. As Australian winters have reasonably good numbers of sunny and clear days, your solar system can be really handy in reducing electricity bills. 

 Reduced cost of installation during autumn 

Even for saving, autumn is considered to be the best season for installation. The solar panels system price in Perth in the autumn season is comparatively lower than spring and summers due to the lesser demand or rush for it. It has generally been noticed that the cost of installation of solar panels in summers is almost double the price at which solar panels are installed in autumn. To be able to save some pennies, then the solar panel system in Perth should be installed in the autumn.

Defy the rush of summers and spring 

Spring and summers are busiest seasons for solar panel system in Perth and you may have to wait for more than a month during the seasons when solar panels are in demand mostly. By installing solar panels in autumn, you can simply relax and enjoy reduced electricity bills when your neighbors and locals would be struggling hard to buy and install the solar panels in summer and spring. You can get ready to beat the heat of summers and spring and relax in your building

Autumn is usually not as hot as summers or spring in Perth is and the reduced temperature of autumn is a boon for solar PV system’s generation. In addition to it, it is recommended to install before the end of the year to secure the STC incentive and save a handsome amount.


Best Solar Panels Cleaners in Perth

Even tough solar is relatively maintenance free but it is advisable that solar panels are regularly cleaned to ensure that the solar system is working at its optimum output. No matter where are your solar panels are located they should be cleaned safely. Customers are advised to protect and maintain their investment with professional Solar Panels Cleaners in Perth

Dirty Solar Panels Cleaners in Perth can lose up to 30% of their efficiency along with it costs about hundreds of dollars every year. Without regular cleaning and maintenance, you will not be receiving full financial benefits of solar panels Systems in Perth. To keep these solar panels in prime condition so that there are working to its full potential, it is imperative that solar panel are cleaned and maintained regularly.

Keeping Solar Panels Clean:

Over time, solar panels become dirty and less effective from natural elements such as dust, traffic, trees, debris. Pollution, fires, and wildlife such as birds. As proper cleaning not only extends the life of your solar Panels but it also ensures that getting the absolute best energy conversion possible from your system.

Future Solar WA provider believes in the power of satisfied customers. Our customer service approach emphasizes on providing superior on pre & post sales services. We provide our customers with the world’s leading brands with more than competitive prices, quality components, and experienced and professional installation teams. At Future solar WA provide residential as well as commercial solar solutions across the whole Western Australia and the Best Solar Panels Cleaners in Perth

Our team of insured and trained professionals will keep your panels operating at maximum solar efficiency. Our equipment is non-abrasive and environment-friendly, which ensures a stain-free finish for maximum sunlight absorption for solar panel cleaning in Perth.

Get solar Health Check with Future Solar WA:

We offer the best and highly recommended solar panel maintenance and health check as an annual service to ensure your system is running efficiently with an optimal capacity at all times.

Our solar health check is carried out by an accredited electrician and includes the following:

  • Detailed inspection of your solar panels system
  • Cleaning of solar panels
  • Removal of debris surrounding the solar panel array and cabling
  • Power output check.
  • Cabel check
  • Mounting check
  • Test switches
  • Signage check
  • Re-application of sealer, if necessary.

In AS/NSS 5033 regulations suggest that with regular cleaning and maintenance program your solar panels not only increases your energy output but they also required to protect your manufacturer’s warranty’s provided by your installation company.

Other Services Provided by Future Solar WA:

Essentially we provide our customers with the most comprehensive warranty and support available to ensure your energy saving success. With a proven history of guaranteed customer satisfaction while you select the Best solar panels Perth with great technical experts. 

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