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5kW Solar Power System

By futuresolar

September 29, 2019

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5kW Solar Power System: Nowadays more and more homeowners are opting to buy larger 5kw systems then 1kw, 2kw, and 3kw. This is also because a 5 kW solar systems are also the minimum 5kW solar panel size you need to consider if you want to add batteries to your system in the future and it can cut your electricity bills by up to 70%. The solar panel size for 5kW must easily offset the power consumption of typical Australian homes. 

5kW Solar System Cost in Perth, WA

For a good quality solar system, average solar 5kw solar system price are between $3500 – $9500 fully installed. A 5kw system will have 15 -18 panels depending on the size of the panel. If you are installing 275w panels then you will have 18 panels and if 330w panels then 15 panels.

The financial returns on a 5kw system are a bit complex to estimate. Some of the factors that affect this are: Availability of Feed-in tariff Quality of inverter and panels being installed Consumption ratio of the energy produced by the solar. This can be as high as 70% or as low as 30%. It does depend on your usage. Geographical location of the system and the expected daily and annual solar irradiation and cloud cover (data source: If you want to buy a photovoltaic system for your home or business, you have to pay attention to a few things. Here is a list of buyers to get you started.
  1. Researching: So, you have decided to go green and invest in solar. But, wait, have you done your research? You should find out information like, your current electricity usage(this can be found on your electricity bill), the optimum system for your needs in terms of kilowatts, the various options available in terms of brands, the right retailer for you and your payback time. Researching can save you lots of hassles and help you make a decision that is value for your money and peace of mind.
  2. Solar Retailer: There are many companies in the market and we know it can get very confusing and daunting to find out the information. Some important points that your solar retailer should tell you are.
  • Based on your current usage, your requirement of a solar system ( in kilowatts)
  • Government incentives and how they work
  • Information about the inverters, panels and other-components that make up the solar pv system.
  • Warranties
  • Feed-intariff and how they work
  • Retailer’ information

3. Post Installation: your retailer will provide you with all the post installation details of your system. This will include all the information about the products, warranties, and post-installation service and maintenance of your system.

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Why Choose Future Solar WA for 5kW Solar Panels in Perth, Australia?

We strive to make alternative energy more affordable for Western Australians by offering you a simple, affordable, and reliable solar system. Whether you are a homeowner who wants to overcome rising energy costs or reduce environmental footprint, or a business owner who wants to make changes, order a free solar consultation today. . We are having experienced solar experts, designers and installers who have extensive experience and knowledge  Perth Solar. That means we can work with you to design a system that will not only meet the needs of your home or business but will continue to support you make the biggest savings. Our assignment is to help housing and business in solar installation and reduce their electricity bills for everyone.

5kw Solar Systems/ Panels Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. How much does a 5kw solar panel price or cost?

A good quality 5 kW solar panel costs between $3500 – $9500 . Even though cheaper systems are available, you always get what you pay for. Following this price range ensures the purchase of high quality solar photovoltaic systems. In addition to price, you should also consider warranty protection. Things can and sometimes go awry – so make sure your solar system is fully guaranteed and maximize your investment.

2. How Many Panels Does a 5kw Solar Panel kit Have?

Based on 275 standard modules, the 5 kW solar systems consist of 18 PV solar modules. However, if you use a Sun Power panel with 327 W, only 15 panels are needed.

5. Is 5kw Solar Panel Sufficient For Producing Electricity For a Household?

The 5kW solar power system is ideal for medium to large households that consume large amounts of electricity. Therefore, if you have a growing family or use air conditioners with a pool and and other amenities, then this is a system for you.

6. How Much Electricity Can You Save Using 5kw Solar Panel?

As one of the most powerful systems, you can save up to $ 350 per cycle on your electricity bill with the 5kW solar system. However, your actual savings are more likely between $ 180 and $ 300 per cycle – more than enough to cover total household consumption.

(Data Source: 7. What is the Return on Investment For a 5kw Solar Panel?

If you buy a high-end quality solar system, your 5kW solar system for home pays itself in 5 years. However, solar energy offers direct payments on reducing electricity bills, you save real money from day one. Like any solar system, your amount of income depends on how much electricity you consume and when. Use most of the sun’s energy during the day and you get the most money. This is because the amount you receive from your feed is significantly lower than the amount, you paid to buy electricity from the network.    

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