13.3kW Solar Power System in Perth WA

13.3KW solar power system in Perth WA

13.3KW solar power system in Perth WA

At Future Solar WA, our 13.3kW solar panel system is immensely popular among customers. Equipped with an adaptable 10kW inverter and boasting daily production of 50kWh – depending on available wattage this solar powerhouse typically comprises 28 to 47 solar panels but just 36 of our 370W panels could achieve output equal to 13.3KW!

This package’s 10kW inverter serves as the backbone for this solar installation, transforming sunlight into usable electricity seamlessly and quickly. Also included in this solar package are 28 to 47 CEC-approved solar panels and single/three phase inverters (both single phase and three phase options available) plus Australian-compliant roof mounting and electrical kits – ideal for anyone in search of sustainable energy! For even greater use of renewable power to meet electricity demands, try our 13.3kW system!

How many solar panels and how much space do I need for a 13.3kW solar power system?

Take advantage of renewable energy sources with our advanced 13kW solar system! Benefit from its adaptability as it features 28 to 47 panels to deliver outstanding performance and maximize space utilization. Our commitment to efficiency can be seen in every panel’s size of approximately 1.7 square meters for optimal utilization of available space.

Installing a 13.3kW solar panel system on your rooftop requires 55 to 80m2, depending on tilt frames and roof architecture factors. Our skilled staff can quickly install it for a hassle-free solar setup at home with our innovative 13.3kW system designed to harvest solar energy more effectively! Together we can take steps toward a more sustainable future.

How Can I Determine Whether a 13.3kW Solar System is Best Suited for My House?

Understanding your average daily electricity usage–something easily identifiable through your quarterly power bill–is the first step to selecting an ideal system size. A 13.3kW solar system may be appropriate if this falls between 42-50kWh per day usage as its capacity precisely matches what is necessary while providing flexibility should your needs change over time.

As part of our Solar System Investment Optimization advice, we recommend conducting an audit of your electricity usage to get maximum return from your solar investment. By selecting energy-intensive tasks and appliances such as dryers, dishwashers, and washing machines that consume significant energy. consumption such as dryers, dishwashers and washing machines and planning their use during hours when sunlight intensity is highest, you can optimize efficiency for maximum returns from solar investments and satisfy all of your power requirements simultaneously. For maximum effectiveness of investment returns, it is advised that only one heavy appliance be run at any one time for maximum impact to fully satisfy all power requirements effectively. it ensures maximum investment returns while meeting all needs simultaneously.

Unleash the power of solar energy and coordinate your daily tasks around daylight hours to achieve maximum effectiveness and financial savings. Our 13.3kW solar system represents an important step toward creating a greener future while offering safe, cost-effective options that meet your energy consumption habits.

How to Know Solar Rebates for 13.3kW Solar Panel System?

The availability of solar rebates depends on the size of your solar system and its location. Let’s determine the solar rebate for a 13.3kW solar system using the provided formula:

Calculate the Solar Rebate:

Total Combined Wattage of Solar Array x 1.382 x Current 10-year STC Multiplier / 1000

Applying the calculation: 13,320 x 1.382 x 10 / 1000 = 184 STCs

For a 10kW solar system, 184 STCs are applicable. Next, we’ll ascertain the rebate amount by multiplying the number of STCs by the market value per STC. Thus, 184 STCs x $38 = $6992 Approximately, which represents the solar panel rebate you’ll receive.

13.3kW Solar System Price in Perth, WA in 2024

Costs associated with 13.3kW solar systems vary significantly depending on their supplier and location, taking into account local taxes and logistics costs. As a general guideline, retail price range typically falls within $10,600-$20,100 with more expensive systems tending to have longer lifespans or intended effects that lesser priced solutions cannot match.

As a helpful guideline, purchasing within this price range will guarantee you receive a higher-quality solar system that should last over time and comes with complete warranty coverage in case of unanticipated system failure.

Before purchasing a 13.3kW solar system, we strongly suggest conducting an in-depth assessment of its benefits and drawbacks. Although these systems may cost more upfront, their long-term advantages such as better performance and warranty coverage make them an intelligent investment. When embarking on your sustainable energy journey, prioritize quality over quantity by selecting plans tailored specifically to your unique requirements.

As previously discussed, environmental factors can play a huge part in determining the efficiency and output of your solar system. These include its location and climate, panel orientation and pitch as well as any issues with roof shading. Future Solar WA places great importance on accurate placement to maximize output and ensure each panel produces maximum power production.

However, it’s essential to recognize that the overall performance of your system depends heavily on its components – particularly inverters and solar panels. Upgraded systems are specifically designed to withstand high temperatures while producing long-term results whereas lower quality purchases could compromise its efficacy and durability.

Solar energy systems are long-term investments, so it makes sense to acquire the highest-quality system you can afford for maximum efficiency, dependability and peace of mind on your renewable energy journey. Future Solar WA can assist with making informed and prudent decisions regarding purchasing the appropriate system that fits your requirements.

Payback Period and Return On Investment of 13.3kW Solar Panel System

Dependent upon your energy consumption patterns and potential savings, a 13.3kW solar system could pay for itself within six years, depending on its effectiveness in meeting both objectives simultaneously, as well as any excess electricity exported back to the grid. The amount of savings depends on two key elements – system efficiency and export of any excess electricity back into the grid.

By making better use of the solar energy that your system produces, you can reduce your reliance on traditional electricity sources and save money on bills. Furthermore, exporting excess power back into the grid may result in credits or rewards from your utility provider if your system generates more power than is consumed inside.

High-quality solar systems can make an enormous difference to savings potential. Higher-quality systems typically generate more electricity while consuming less energy, increasing savings over time and optimizing financial returns from your solar energy investment by spending on quality systems.

Optimize the self-consumption and export excess energy of your 13kW solar system to gain maximum value from it. Opting for high quality energy solutions not only brings significant cost savings but also contributes to creating a more eco-friendly future – take full advantage of all its capabilities today and reap the rewards of an environmentally beneficial investment!

Solar energy offers significant cost-cutting advantages when used for household needs directly, rather than purchasing electricity from the grid, which often costs more. By taking this route you can significantly lower your electricity bills while simultaneously increasing its value – leading to faster return on investment returns and increasing value creation by your system.

Optimizing the power that your 13.3kW solar system supplies is key to reaching your goal sooner and accelerating return on investment. Energy-intensive tasks should be scheduled throughout the day in order to maximize self-consumption while decreasing dependence on conventional sources of power.

Future Solar WA is your go-to source for information and advice regarding 13.3kW solar systems, panels, and inverters. Our staff works to understand your unique requirements before providing tailored solutions that best meet them. Furthermore, our expert installation services help guarantee optimal system operation with maximum savings potential and value added.

Future Solar WA can assist with all of your solar energy needs and can offer tailored pricing quotes to suit them. Joining forces, we can begin the transition toward sustainable energy generation while realizing significant financial returns at once – taking an important step toward an eco-friendlier and brighter future! Take action now with solar energy!

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